Sound design
& Customized compositions

Part of my work is not only technical, it is also artistic and creative.

Whether it's to create a sound identity for your project, to create a jingle that introduces your show, or to dress up a scene or a montage with sound effects, my skills can be beneficial to you.


I had the opportunity to work on a few projects of sound identity creation and short jingles, to highlight a visual creation or a specific project.

This kind of project is particularly motivating for me, the close collaboration with the vision of the people who commission me a creation is stimulating for me.

When I am asked for a composition, I am described emotions, feelings, with a very specific language. My role is to translate this request into concrete sounds and sound techniques, to faithfully stick and magnify the initial vision.

Projet Méduses's Jingle

This jingle is used to introduce the discussions that take place every Sunday evening at 8pm on the Discord server of Projet Méduses. 

The collective wanted a progressive electronic atmosphere, close to what French79 does.

I was inspired by the chords of a Daft Punk track for the harmonic base, and I enriched the whole with other instruments and a rise in energy.

EQA conferences Jingle

This jingle (heard on the first 10 seconds of the video) was used to introduce all the conferences of the Estivales de la Question Animale 2021.

Without any particular recommendation, I was simply given the video animation that needed to be set to music. So I opted for a minimalist and soft skin, and tried to compliment the video animation by perfectly synchronizing the notes with the appearance of the letters.


Arrangement is a form of composition : from an existing work, one reimagines an instrumentation, or even a more or less similar structure. It is one of the musical exercises that I master the best, that I practice the most often and that I enjoy the most.

Live Outside

5 days of intense work for about 40 tracks, the collaboration of more than a dozen people.

This arrangement was a challenge of speed and creativity. Many virtual instruments enrich the musical core recorded with real instruments and a great number of different voices.

Call of Silence

Here, a more complex arrangement because it is entirely composed of virtual instruments. The challenge was to faithfully recreate a piece with a very marked and detailed aesthetic.