Private lessons

Computer music and home studio; recording, mixing and mastering;
musical culture and basic music theory; composition, arrangement and sound design; guitar and bass

What I teach

- guitar (electric or acoustic) and bass
- Computer assisted music (Ableton software)
- mixing and mastering in home studio, recording techniques, basic knowledge of equipment
- music in general (history of the great currents, basic music theory, etc.)
- preparation for the 1st year music baccalaureate

About the course

Even though I had a university musical education, I find myself much more in the free and modern approaches. In love with atypical and worked aesthetics, my personal tastes push me towards a broad range of practices and listening, I like as much the modern rap as the progressive and complex musics of the 70s rock, while passing by various currents of electronic music.

My vision as a musician AND a technician allows me to understand my students, and to answer their needs with the most attention and precision possible. I can give lessons as much on the musical part and the artistic direction as on the purely technical part.

About the teacher

I started playing music more than ten years ago with the guitar. I became passionate about it, and I made it my studies, my job, my passion.
I have a degree in musicology which made me approach the "classical" version of music: history, solfeggio, harmony, great European currents, etc.
I also trained in sound techniques in a specialized school.
I had many musical projects during all this time, I made many concerts as a musician or as a sound technician. I have recorded and mixed many projects. 
In short, I have a vast and encompassing experience of the current music world, and will be happy to share it.

You can check my ad on Superprof.

Rates (all taxes included) :

- First hour offered
- 30€/h
- 285€/10h (1 hour half price)

- You will have to pay for my travel expenses

These students trusted me

Clémentine contacted me at the beginning of January 2021 to take mixing and Computer music lessons in general.

Her project: to record herself at home, in her room, and to give life to her compositions without being limited by theoretical and technical barriers. 

Without any elaborate knowledge of music theory or sound techniques, Clementine's starting point allowed her to progress very quickly, and the final result is in my opinion very successful. With one or two monthly classes, we worked for several months on her composition "At the end of the day" and covered the basics of recording at home, for her vocals and guitars; arranging and composing with virtual instruments (orchestra, synths, bass); and finally mixing for a full and brilliant musical color. Judge for yourself.