Your projects deserve the best sound

Podcast :
- Precise and transparent editing, professional sound quality and volume at streaming platform standards.
- Whether your episodes are 5 minutes or 3 hours long, they will be worked with the same sense of detail and will be consistent with each other.

Video :
- Delegate the tedious steps of finding illustrations, editing and sound processing.

Sound design and customized compositions :
- Rather than royalty-free music, opt for a custom jingle composed to fit your project, which stands out for its originality and consistency.

Private lessons :
- Learn the basics of guitar or bass, and in a few months you'll know how to play most of your favorite songs
- Songwriting and sound engineering are two facets of freelance music creation. By learning how to use Ableton, you'll be able to bring all your ideas to life and make them sound good.

About me

After a degree in musicology in Aix-en-Provence, I worked for a few years in associations and events. I then decided to train for my real passion in a professional school and since then, I am a freelance sound engineer, musician and music teacher.

You can listen to my music and watch my videos.

You can check my résumé here.

I am particularly interested in Effective Altruism, social movements, animal advocacy, philosophy, and reflections on the impact of our lives and careers.

As a volunteer, I do a variety of work for Projet Méduses. I do audio mixing for conferences given within Altruisme Efficace France.

Finally, I am passionate about powerlifting, Pokémon, and everything related to audiovisual culture.